Change of Pace

In 2006 I had just left a job I despised and was nervously starting a job at what had, until that point, been my happy place. The Island is a small place and we only have three bookstores for the entire thing and I had just scored a permanent job at the biggest one. I was so excited to share my love of reading and get involved with other readers.

Fast forward 12 years, and I dread going into my favourite bookstore because it's no longer a happy place. I held on a long time, through position changes, management shifts and learning curves. Finally it's gotten to a point where the numbers mean more than the people and I was forced to make a decision.

Stay in a job that didn't make me happy or find something new?

So July became the month where I changed jobs, finished Camp NaNoWriMo again, got a great leg up on Seir, and decided to take the plunge into audiobooks. It's been busy to say the least. :p

In book news, the second Sons of Sariel book has gotten a title change. Seir had been tentatively titled "The Demon at My Back" when I first came up with the plot line for it but with the developement it's taken I've changed it to 'The Demon's Redemption. Hopefully, Seir will show off his redeeming features to you all in a splendid fashion and you'll see where that came from.

I've also been fighting with some other leading men who want their books written and keep intruding on Seir's muse time. I won't mention any names because most of them you haven't met just yet, but I think you'll enjoy them when you get to meet them.

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