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Coalition Space

The universe is a big place and there are just too many stories to tell. Pick up one of these stand alone novellas to get a taste of my sci-fi romance universe.


Kessia Donovan of New Terra is on the way to her next job when her life goes sideways. In the space of a few hours she’s been kidnapped, stripped and offered up to the mercy of a terrifying alien. Assuming she’s about to become his dinner, she’s shocked when this brutal giant vows to protect her.

Stolen from his planet and kept like an animal in a cage, Baron is just waiting for a chance to escape. When it finally comes, he finds a female unlike any he’s ever seen. Small, soft and curvy with a scent that tantalizes and taunts his mating instincts. He wants her. But first he has to get them both out of this situation alive.

With her brains and his brawn, they will form an unlikely alliance – and perhaps much more.



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