I'll be honest...

I am a very slow writer. I work full time, have an energetic puppy, family I love to be with and friends I love to see. Procrastination might very well be my middle name.

And yet, I love writing.

This week, fate got together with mother nature and gave me a strangely uneventful vacation. I rarely take vacation and had been planning this week off for most of the year. A friend from Florida was supposed to come up so I could show him the Island and we planned on doing a whole bunch of things. With the on set of Harvey and Irma his flights were cancelled and I ended up with a week and no major plans.

So I've been writing. I've gotten up every morning and gotten at least a thousand words in. At this point I have less than 8000 words left to reach the end of the rough draft of the tentatively titled, The Demon at my Back. I'm so excited! Plot points have changed, Murmur has taken the reins a few times and there's more than one new angel on the block! This is going to be a good one!

I don't want to give away too much but I think Seir and Alexis are going to be steamy!

Now, no more procrastinating! I'm going to go write! :p

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